Like to eat seafood, especially imported goods, recently Ms. Thanh in District 3 (HCMC) continuously posted status to find a buyer of lobster tails. "Instead of paying 3 million VND per kg for lobster tail 500 gram, if I buy 10 kg wholesale I only have to pay 2.5 million VND per kg," said Ms. Thanh, who likes to buy shrimp Lobster for not liking the first part.

Specializing in selling imported lobster tails in Dong Nai, Ms. Hang said, the type of 200-300 grams per tail is priced at 2.5 million dong per kilogram. On average, she sells about 5-10 kg per day.

"This kind of product I take from wholesalers who have family members working in airlines should be fresh. Although it is frozen, this kind of meat is sweet and fragrant like fresh produce. After being caught by fishermen, shrimps will be cut head, blister and freezing immediately, so the price is quite expensive, "said Ms. Hang, who said that there are weeks of orders, but she only has to import 3 times per week because of wholesale. not enough goods.

Given that the tail is suitable for the needs of the rich, the owner of a food shop in Hanoi said that he has just imported half a pound but has been booked 70% by guests. According to the owner of this shop, Australian lobster tail has the largest weight of 500 grams and the smallest is about 250 grams. Many customers who want to buy tails are larger in size but not available because large shrimps often have high prices and are "hunted" by restaurants from the beach, so only those weighing less than 1.5 kg have tails to east level. This type is in South Australia and New Zealand waters.

On an online market specializing in buying and selling Australian seafood, one tail of lobster weighs 300 grams, costing 30 Australian dollars (nearly 500,000 VND), equivalent to 1.5 million VND per kg. However, if buying wholesale, the price is only about 1.1-1.3 million. In restaurants in Vietnam, lobster tail prices of 240 grams per processed fish are about 5 million VND per kg.

According to traders in Australia, the majority of lobster tails are caught naturally, purchased, cleaned and packaged individually by enterprises.

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