American self-made millionaires insist: if you achieve financial freedom, money will work for you and you will retire from the age of 30.

After trying to save and calculate his decision to invest more than half of his six-year earnings, Chris Reining accumulated enough savings in his bank account to give up his job and retire at very young age: 37 years old. However, in the past, this self-made millionaire was once a person who did not know how to spend and save reasonably.

Sharing with CNBC, Reining said: "Ever since graduating from college at the age of 20, I have been spending very liberally: Buy expensive cars, buy furniture worth $ 10,000 and often in hotel rooms cost 500 USD / night. ”The millionaire who once fell into the never-ending spiral of spending money and shopping, wanted more and more things.

It wasn't until he was nearly 30, that Reining realized that all the flashy, expensive things he had bought didn't really make him feel happier. He thinks what really helps him can be happiness is financial freedom.

And that change of mind helped him to retire early. In 2010, he set a goal of financial freedom with a plan to build a $ 1 million portfolio at the age of 35 and began working to save and invest, instead of working to shop as before. .

After that, he reached a savings of more than half of his income and reached $ 1 million at age 35. As a result, he could officially retire in 2016 when he was 37 years old.

The 39-year-old millionaire, who lives in Wisconsin, said: "For me, everything is not about early retirement, but about financial freedom. It is the fact that I turn financial instruments into service. What I want ".

For nearly three years, Reining has lived on his investments and "doesn't worry about running out of money". He is currently focusing on writing and sharing experiences through his personal website.

What Reining has learned at the age of 20 and also the advice he gives people is: "You don't have to work, make money, spend money and continue working, repeating the cycle over and over again. until you get old and sick enough to be unable to work anymore Instead, learn how to work to save, from your savings, you should learn and invest. to serve you. ”

According to Reining, it is difficult for us to resist the temptation of over-spending on luxury items. However, the key point to help combat this is quite simple: Cherish what you have.

The millionaire said: "You should form some habits like walking to observe everything around. You will realize how good your life is. Other material things only bring you feel the physical outside, but that emotion will quickly go away, then you will continue shopping to find the feeling of satisfaction. Long time, you will never reach the state of financial freedom and early retirement. "

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