Christina Stembel once thought playing flowers was a waste of money. But when the world economy went down, she earned millions of dollars every year from this industry.

As the world economy deteriorated in 2010, Stembel worked as a supervisor in the affairs and events of alumni for Law School at Stanford University. The economic recession has forced the school to tighten its budget for activities such as flower arrangements. Stembel began to understand why flowers were so expensive and gradually led to her entrepreneurial path with flowers.

After a period of research, she discovered that the price of flowers was expensive due to the resonance of many factors such as 40% of the flowers that were harvested annually but were not used for waste, high surcharges ... "I see that's The real problem I can solve, "Stembel said.

After nearly a year of research, she launched an online flower shop called Farmgirl Flowers. The site offers flowers that originate from farms in the southern United States. However, unlike rivals, the store limits choices for customers.

The name Farmgirl Flowers comes from the experience of the female CEO in Bremen, Indiana, a small town with 3,600 residents in the United States. That day, Stembel never imagined a day of opening his own company. She confided that her father spent his whole life working for others and she still thought she would later.

All changed when Stembel moved to San Francisco and became acquainted with a new cultural environment and then believed he could become an entrepreneur. She often jokes that in San Francisco, everyone has a business plan in their pockets. Here, the entrepreneurial spirit is easy to spread and it is the first time in her life that she thinks she can start a business.

The advantage of Farmgirl Flowers comes from going against the business trend of other flower shops. While most other online vendors can offer hundreds of different options at the same time, Farmgirl Flowers offers only 12 to 20 categories at a given time on its website. "As a result, the number of flowers is always below 1% and we can buy expensive flowers at a more competitive cost than many other competitors," Stembel said.

The company's headquarters are located in San Francisco but the company receives flowers throughout the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska. The flowers are wrapped in reusable coffee bags from local coffee roasters instead of plastic bags.

But first time starting a business and being a woman, raising capital for the company is not easy. So far, Stembel has not had any investment from outside. The female CEO said that according to statistics, there is less than 2% chance of successful calling with female founders. She tried many times but still did not achieve her aspiration because she "did not have a university degree, never worked at a reputable corporation and had no support."

Therefore, Farmgirl Flowers was born 8 years ago with a capital of 49,000 USD from Stambel's own savings. It is expected that by the end of this year, the company's revenue will reach 23 million USD (over 535 billion VND) and will generate profits.

Stembel is still cautious in controlling costs. The business is mostly based on social networks, with 90% of marketing coming from Facebook and Instagram. The company also has another cost-effective way to choose to use empty coffee bags from local suppliers, cut them into sizes and use them to pack flowers. "We like the way they are mixed with flowers and can decompose after a while," she said.

“We are now reinvesting all profits and building austerity plan to develop the company. I am really proud of the entrepreneurial path I choose, ”said the young businesswoman.


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