Following the US Government order, ARM was asked to stop cooperating with Huawei, pushing the Chinese manufacturer into a situation where it could no longer produce the chip itself.

According to a BBC source, ARM processor designers have asked officials and employees to stop all co-operation with Huawei.

Specifically, according to the text that the BBC has obtained, ARM requires employees to suspend "all valid contracts, support benefits and any constraints" with Huawei.

ARM employees are advised to notify their partner in Huawei that: "due to an unfortunate situation, they are not allowed to support or transfer technology (whether software, code or other Other updates) or participate in technical discussions with Huawei and HiSilicon ". If meeting with Huawei employees at the event, all work-related discussions are also required to stop.

ARM's text emphasizes: if an individual violates the law, he or she will be held responsible before the law for violating the trade rules.

After Google, Intel, Qualcomm and many other large technology companies, the reason ARM stopped cooperating with Huawei was supposed to comply with US government directives. Washington believes that Huawei is spying on the Chinese government and is a threat to national security, so the US Department of Commerce issued a ban on its companies to sell products to Huawei.

Although it is a UK-based company, according to ARM's documents, the chip's design "has a technology that comes from the US".

The US government ban is also said to apply to Chinese ARM, the company that owns ARM is ARM Holdings, which holds a 49% stake. Chinese ARM was established last year, allowing ARM to develop, sell and support its products in the region.

In an official statement to the BBC, ARM said it "complies with all the latest regulations set by the US government", but declined to comment further. Huawei representatives also did not give any comment.

Missing ARM, will Huawei be unable to produce chips anymore?

Although not directly involved in production, however, the role of ARM inside each mobile chip is very important. ARM is responsible for designing the core of the chip (called Cortex) and then selling this design to other manufacturers, including Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei.

In addition, in many cases, instead of purchasing the entire ARM core architecture, manufacturers buy instruction sets. This allows manufacturers to customize ARM's designs to better suit their products.

Currently, Huawei is one of the few Android manufacturers not to "rely" on Qualcomm to supply chips for its products, but instead, it makes its own chips called HiSilicon Kirin. However, Huawei still needs ARM and license to use scripts to design and manufacture chips. Therefore, being cut off by ARM will make Huawei seriously affected.

Kirin 985 is Huawei's next chip, expected to be integrated on its high-end smartphones in the near future. According to BBC sources from ARM, Kirin 985 is highly likely to not be affected by this embargo. However, its next generation of chips has not yet been finalized, and Huawei will likely have to build it from scratch without the cooperation of ARM.


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