Aston Plaza and Residences will launch an offering of 150 apartments and buyers can pay with Bitcoin, CNNMoney.

The Aston Plazo & Residences project is offering apartments that accept payment by Bitcoin. In particular, Studio apartments are offered for 30 bitcoin and a one-bedroom apartment offered for 50 bitcoin (about $ 242,000). Once the customer decides to buy an apartment in this project, the price of bitcoin will be fixed for 15 minutes.

Michelle Mone, a British businesswoman and partner in this project, said there will be many apartments open for sale for those wishing to buy goods with virtual money. Answering CNNMoney, she said: "We want to create an opportunity for the virtual money world. This is an effective method to help bitcoin users turn virtual money into real assets. ”

The Dubai Science Park development project consists of 2 high-rise buildings, a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema and a shopping center. Homebuyers can also pay for bitcoin furniture designs.

Ms. Mone also said the project developer will not hold any bitcoin once the deal is complete.

"We are not involved in the currency trading market, but the housing development market ... So as soon as the buyer pays with bitcoin, we will convert to the dollar so this development project is there will be no risk, ”she said.

Bitpay, the company that pays bitcoin services, will handle these transactions.

More than 432 apartments in this project have been sold by regular payment. The project is expected to be completed before September 2019.

The project has a total of 1,130 apartments, bitcoin users will begin to be able to buy houses after 150 apartments are sold.

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